Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Scrapbook (1-19-2008) One Year - how can it be?

I had two very bad days. Major pity party for myself. So I just couldn't bring myself to scan and edit to post the album. Even though today has been hard, I just had to put this on today.

These feelings haven't diminished. I still miss him as much today as a year ago, and probably even more.

If you click on each page, it should enlarge the view so you can read it. I didn't know another way to do it, so I hope it works.

We went out last night for TESSA'S BIRTHDAY
and had a wonderful time. Today we went to Chase's basketball game then out to lunch with Grandpa Ray. We drove down to the cemetery and then spent some time with Grandma Mary. Patrick told me that he would be in a basketball tournament today. He said he would be wearing #10 for his dad. His team and friends were all going to be there to support him today, so I hope it went okay for him. He was definitely in our thoughts today as well.

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